got these skinny jeans on


cant bend my knees 

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That narry interview in 2012 where Harry was wearing the green beanie and niall was in that white tank > the beatles

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U ever wish u were Mysterious but u can’t stop talking about urself

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Guyliner, in case the word eye is too feminine for you

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kinda pissed about not being a mermaid

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You had to kill him. The boy cries you a sweater of tears… and you kill him. How are you going to live with yourself?

Mr. Krabs (via chosen-undead)

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#you’re in a pattymobile with a beautiful boy (via ravenbellamys)

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jokes are most certainly illegal. knock knock you say? ill tell you who’s there. the fucking police.

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friend: hey whats your favorite-

me: take me home: yearbook edition

friend: but i didnt even finis-

me: take me home: yearbook edition

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Mental health advice from yr friendly neighbourhood Sane Person™


  • have you tried yoga
  • yes? okay what about pilates
  • have you tried eating food that you cant afford
  • why don’t you get a job
  • do you sleep enough/too much
  • try sleeping better
  • have you considered Normal people’s feelings
  • have you considered becoming Normal like us
  • i think that would help
  • here i printed out this article on deep breathing from a Women’s online magazine, it helped my coworker who was sad one time
  • hey your’e creative, maybe you could write your own article
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if i had money i would dress so on point all the time… i would even theme my outfits based on my emotion of the day like “cold war-era paranoia” or “realizing that you are not an exception”

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too many feminist discussions are about reassuring men that feminism isn’t about ~hating them~ im so over it

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Sext: I am so glad that the particles of a star that exploded billions of years ago eventually came together to form your fingers

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me during classes

  • "thats racist"
  • "thats sexist"
  • "there are more than two genders"
  • "ok but could we maybe not use that word"
  • "thats ableist"
  • "there aren’t enough girls in here"
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